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These humans or workers will be apportioned different roles according to their educational qualifications, experience, skill, knowledge, etc. After the…
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Human Resources - High performance work Practices
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Download file to see previous pages “High performance work places or organisations (HPWOs) are organisations that are moving towards a flatter and less hierarchical structure, where people work in teams with greater autonomy.” (Tamkin, 2004). But, sometimes the organisation will not be able to provide High performance work places due to various factors. This will surely bring down the level of performance among the employees to bare minimum. The important aspect is, the performance levels of the employees have to be kept at optimal levels or high levels, so that the employees exhibit optimum productivity. So, this paper will look at how the employees’ performance can be heightened by optimizing the High performance work places, thereby aiding the employers as well as the employees, kind of win-win solution: benefiting both the employers and the employees
Once a common, feasible and effective High performance work places is created, different employees can be focused on a single goal and thereby increasing their performance level. As any organisation will be a hotbed of human activity, it could give rise to groups and subgroups, which will eventually share enough experience to create subcultures based on occupational, national, and uniquely historic experiences. Once such differentiation has taken place, the organisation’s task is to find ways of coordinating, aligning, or integrating the different subcultures into common culture by making them work in a common organisational atmosphere. So, performance among the employees can be optimized at the outset itself, only if the leader or manager of the organisation provides the employees a favourable High performance work place with a common organisational culture, focusing on a single target. “Support culture, which include performance operations and people management processes, aligned to organisational objectives to build trust, enthusiasms and commitment.” (Tamkin, 2004). The trait of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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