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It deals with decisions made concerning the notions of “right” and ‘wrong. In criminal justice, particularly, emphasizing the importance of…
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Ethics and the Criminal Justice Profession
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Ethics play a vital role in dealing with and making decisions within one’s self, and even within the larger scope of society. It deals with decisionsmade concerning the notions of “right” and ‘wrong. In criminal justice, particularly, emphasizing the importance of ethics is necessary especially in making legal judgments. However, one has to deal with an array of complicated things before achieving a stable and “just” judgment with regard to an act. Yet, with the study of ethics itself, there are also several factors to be considered for the way ethics is understood could also vary from one context to another.
In common ethical issues arising in the society, the criminal justice decides whether such act(s) could be ethically defended or not through the study of ethics. A case of ethical issue is shoplifting for the welfare of everybody in the family. In the utilitarian viewpoint of ethics, the above act could be defended provided that it is done because of providing the welfare of other individuals. Although the case is providing the necessaries for the family, such could still be considered utilitarian. In “retributive justice,” if an individual does an act of misconduct without any beneficial purpose, it is a manifestation of “imprudence,” but if it is done for a constructive purpose, it is justifiable (Hall, Dennis, and Chipman 348).
In every act of an individual there really is a corresponding verdict. Yet, in cases concerning ethical judgments, more value of ethical justification is given to those acts which are done for beneficial purposes. Yet, it should also not be forgotten that in deciding over ethical issues, the rule of law and justice should always take its dominion. Furthermore, the ethical issues which are given greater ethical defenses could also be subjects to further justifications and scrutiny for an “other” party is also involved.
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Criminal Justice. Florida, USA: CRC Press, 2000. Print. Read More
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