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Ethics within the Study of International Relations - Literature review Example

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This paper "Ethics within the Study of International Relations" discusses, a set of ethics that are both universally human and specifically applicable can create a study that has boundaries that respect the subject of the study, which will reduce any preconceived bias…
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Ethics within the Study of International Relations
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Extract of sample "Ethics within the Study of International Relations"

Download file to see previous pages In doing this, some limitations will be found that may affect the outcome. However, having a set of ethics will reduce any chaos that might be produced with the methodology that can give a false set of results, thus voiding the study. 

Realistically, international relations should be examined from the standpoint of a variety of disciplines and examined from many points of view. However, understanding the basics requires putting together a picture that has the basics of these areas of impact. According to Sutch and Elias (3) “IR (International Relations) is the background upon which the many dramas of the world politics are played out”. In other words, the foundational issues of international relationships set the stage for the actions and reactions of nations towards other nations. To understand the way in which ethical considerations have an impact, one must first understand the dynamics of cultural conflicts and differences that cause ethical boundaries to be shifting and unfocused. Therefore, in researching international relations, one is bound by the ethical constraints of one's own culture, combined with the constraints of the cultures for which the research is being undertaken.

According to Hobden (3), the activity of researching international relations issues has had a great number of changes to the theories upon which it is approached. While the theory of Realism is the predominant theory that is the platform for such research, there has been a splintering of efforts within the discipline that has to lead to a variety of alternative theories on which to base study ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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