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Is emancipation and how can it be used to explain security problematics - Essay Example

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The essay attempts to highlight some of the key approaches in the area of critical security studies, especially the concepts of emancipation in the Welsh School of critical security studies. The essay also analyses the Welsh School in relation to poverty.
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Is emancipation and how can it be used to explain security problematics
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Download file to see previous pages A number of components such as trans-national capitalism, liberal democracy and international organizations have affected international security in positive and in some cases negative ways. Krause & Williams (1997, p. 49) states ‘The challenges to the conventional understanding of security and the object to be secured also necessitate an epistemological shift in the way security is to be understood and studied.’ In the last decade or so, there have been various events which have threatened international security, some of them being weapons proliferation, advancements in military technology and ethnic conflict in a number of nations. Additionally, cases of human rights violation, gender inequalities and environmental as well as economic security have been on the increase in the present era. This has necessitated a new type of security framework as well as management, which can successfully handle the modern security concerns worldwide. This is also an era where terrorism activities have skyrocketed.
Among the economists and scholars, there is an ongoing debate whether strategic studies should be modified and improved or whether security studies should be augmented. It’s however been agreed by most scholars, that strategic studies should serve a limited purpose and should be seen in the broader context of security studies. Recently, a number of European schools have integrated security studies, and theories from some of these schools have created a major impact in the field of international relations or IR. Krause & Williams (1997, p. 231) states ‘In the West, security was inseparable from the need to secure the space of Western Europe, the securing of a feminine object by a masculine subject, the United States.’ Unlike the security studies originating in American soil, the European schools have put forward breakthrough ideas and incisive analysis which has created a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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