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How The Web change learning over e-learning to Lifelong Learning - Essay Example

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This paper shows that convention physical classroom-based, structured and closed-form learning has been radically changed by the introduction of hypertext and the consequent World Wide Web. The unprecedented development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)…
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How The Web change learning over e-learning to Lifelong Learning
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Extract of sample "How The Web change learning over e-learning to Lifelong Learning"

Download file to see previous pages With Web 3.0 on the horizon, e-Learning 3.0, with its focus on content, is not very far away.
The unprecedented development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) from the early Eighties revolutionized many fields of work and activity, including learning and education which has undergone radical changes. The coming of the Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW) introduced the concept of “learning anytime, anywhere and anyhow” [1]. Students and teachers could be geographically dispersed in what is termed a virtual classroom. Distance education was prefixed with ‘online’ to give what is now known as e-Learning.
The roots of the present-day web can be traced back to the concept of hypertext and hypermedia which goes back to 1945 when Vannevar Bush introduced the concept of hypertext in a system called ‘memex’. Bush visualized a system in which the documents could be linked in a non-linear manner modeled after the associative nature of the human mind.[33] The same objective was echoed by Ted Nelson in 1987 when he envisaged “…a fast linking electronic repository for the storage and publication of text, graphics and other digital information; permitting promiscuous linkage and windowing among all materials; with special features for alternative versions, historical backtrack and arbitrary collaging…”in his Xanadu system [34], Conklin who spoke of inter-documentary links [35] and Rada [36] who dreamt of connecting text across document boundaries. Hypertext and hypermedia gave the Web its interactivity and navigational manoeuvrability. “…concept of ‘hypertext’ is the base of all the web evolution.”[31]
Conventional learning has been restricted to the physical classroom in which the teacher teaches students according to a prescribed course and syllabi. The genesis of e-Learning can be found in the initial web sites that were developed by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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