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The Emotional Intelligence of the group members have a great impact on the group’s collaboration which led to excellent group performance for the last two years. To be more specific, similarities on the results of Self-Awareness has provided cohesion to the group since the…
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Group assignment team members Emotional Intelligence results narration
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The Emotional Intelligence of the group members have a great impact on the group’s collaboration which led to excellent group performance for the last two years. To be more specific, similarities on the results of Self-Awareness has provided cohesion to the group since the group members knew their strengths and weaknesses. In the article, Why Should Anyone Be Led by You? (2000), Goffee writes, “When leaders reveal their weaknesses, they show us who they are – warts and all. This may mean admitting that they’re irritable on Monday mornings, that they are somewhat disorganized, or even rather shy” (p. 65). Because we have almost close scores on self-awareness, we were all transparent and comfortable in expressing our feelings, our moods, and temper. We did not have a unrealistic expectation from the leader that he is a superman and infallible. Because of this, we can challenge anyone’s idea which is helpfulduring brainstorming.
The article, What Makes a Leader? (2004), elegantly states “Someone who is highly self-aware knows where he is headed and why” (Goleman, p. 85). Since all of the team members have results that are close to one another, the team was ver clear in its direction. Everyone cooperated well even in trying times. Since we were attuned to one another’s limitations, we provided support to members who were upset or frustrated. We believe that this trait – Self-Awareness would be a good cornerstone in the future when we become mentors in organizations. Being Self-Aware also gave a sense of direction to group members because we continually focused on the goal.
Another helpful result that had positive impact was Social Awareness. Except for the case of Maria who was only a few points higher than the rest, similarities in Social Awareness quotient indicates that anyone in the group is sensitive to other group members. Leaders must have a high Social Awareness so they can adjust to their working environment. Members look up to their leaders, and when members sense that their leaders are not interested in their issues, they get demotivated. Indeed, Offermann was downright valid in his article When Followers Become Toxic (2004), when he said “The leader who automatically rejects his followers’ opinions can be as unwise as one who unthinkingly goes along with them” (p. 57). The impact of this to the team is that we realized that all of us are potential leaders.
One category that made a difference was that of Relationship Management. We all had differents scores as reported in detail by our group mate. However, we did not view this as a negative impact. Although at times, conflicts and friction occur because of this category since we also had personal priorities and we couldn’t agree on a schedule or activity. But what was encouraging is the fact that despite our differences in opinion, all of us wanted to preserve good relationships with group members. This meant doing personal sacrifice to achieve goals in the LEAD Program. Admittedly, we still need to improve ourselves on this area. In the real work setting, we would be interacting with various people who may have contrasting scores in EQ which can be difficult.
In conclusion, the results of our EQ showed that close similarities had a very positive impact of the group when it came to cooperation and commitment. The group moved into a single direction in a harmonious manner. Although we need to enhance our skills in Relationship Management, the learning process gave us valuable insights that can be applied in the field of leadership and human resource management. The team’s performance was successful and meaningful which just proves that a group members who have close scores in EQ is a good formula in project management.
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