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Depending on your choice; Either Organisational culture OR Leadership - Essay Example

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Tesco as the third biggest and fastest growing grocery retailer in the United Kingdom offers a wide range of grocery products and wine; entertainment products such as books, CDs, DVDs; PC, photo and gaming items; landline and mobile phones; home electrical appliances; ready-made…
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Depending on your choice; Either Organisational culture OR Leadership
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Download file to see previous pages (HP) managed to become the biggest global seller of PC with a total of 49,434 shipments and 18.2% market share back in 2007 (Pettey, 2008). It line with this, the company offers a wide-range of products and services related to digital photography and entertainment as well as computer related products such as PC, laptops, and printers for personal and business use aside from large IT storage, servers, and software. (HP, 2008a)
For this study, organizational culture of Tesco and HP will be identified and examined followed by determining which among the two organizations have a stronger organizational control. In the process of going through the main discussion, its respective managers’ approach to control organizational culture will be tackled in details.
Organizational culture is “a set of norms, beliefs, principles and behaviour that gives the organization a unique character” (Brown, 1995). Once a company has formed a positive cultural practice within a business organization, there is a higher chance for the company to cope with internal and external business challenges.
For instance: Setting a positive perception about organizational change on employees can make it easier for a business to deal with a wide-range of business challenges which contributes to the increase in the company’s annual revenues and profitability. Likewise, setting a positive organizational culture can help the managers create a more conducive working environment which could significantly increase the work performance of its employees (Armstrong, 2007).
When it comes to setting organizational culture, Tesco considers not only the welfare of its loyal and prospective customers but also its existing employees. As part of improving its customer services in each of the Tesco stores, the company make it a habit to increase the number of its staff to help out in addressing the main concerns of its customers (Tesco, 2009a). On the other hand, HR management of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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