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Work Based Integrated Project - Essay Example

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I’m Muneerah Ahmed I'm 22 years of age studying media communication at London College of communication. Growing up I have always been part of a big family that instilled their values and beliefs I ‘am very close to my family because this how I was raised. …
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Work Based Integrated Project
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Download file to see previous pages As a young Muslim female growing up in the u.k, my parents always have been very protective and kept me grounded. Morals and values have had a huge impact on my life because my parents have been brought up in a traditional Muslim way, were they raised in Iraq they brought me up the same way their parents have been bought up the tradition Muslim way for example dressing in a modest way and wearing a scarf (the hijab). This is something that has come natural to me and I often have to explain to people what it is and why I wear it and to be honest its made me the woman I’m today, its part of my identity and I will never change it. Obviously being a Muslim girl, it usually restricts us to a certain way of life we live in and living in the UK is such an eye opener to everything. However I have such strong beliefs and challenging the western ideologies wasn't an issue growing up, under the influence of my parents i was on track with religion as well as being modernized. I have always wanted to make something out of me, it will be very common if i just accepted in getting married at the age of 16 to a young Muslim man but that was not what I wanted for myself, I’m a very confident and passionate young women wanting to be successful, its my goal to follow my dreams and be very wealthy and proud be able to say I did it, for taking radio after my degree is what I want to do for definite. Furthermore I want to be an inspiration to the young Muslim females that didn’t get a chance to finish education and follow their dream, because it’s very tradition in my culture to get married and have a family of your own. Without a doubt I do want to follow my tradition of getting married and having family, but for now I will take a step ahead to follow my dreams and what I really want to do quite funny I can imagine myself being on a radio station and people would want to tune in early hours in the morning on their ways to work sampling the radio I did for year 2 part of media communication course we studied radio module and produced a 10 minute radio show, I received a lot of positive feedback not only from my peers but also my lecturers told me to take this on. My passion for radio grew even more since I started my media communication course at university. This was an eye opener into taking on radio presenting as a career it’s my comfort zone and if I'm honest I do like the sound of my own voice. My main goal is to work Kiss 100 a British radio station in London since it’s my favorite London station and hopefully follow experience with having my own radio show named: ‘MunMun Radio’ but for now my main focus is work for kiss 100 and be successful. Self evaluation expressed as personal SWOT CV and cover letter should be included in this section Interpersonal sensitivity based on agreeableness encompasses the status of being considerate towards situations and events. Agreeable personality is marked by nature of being tactful, sensitive, as well as altruism qualifying leaders to be more agreeable. There is that sense of modesty and non-excessive affiliation to certain groups. Within the social set-up people tend to discover certain group affiliations, however, the need for affiliation appears to be negatively related to leadership. There’s some sense of ambiguity between agreeableness and leadership (Ellis and Harper, 1997). Leadership based on conscientiousness focuses on the end results whereby the leader ensures appropriate completion of tasks. Positioning of leadership within organizations determines the level of group effectiveness. Performances within organizations depend on the nature of individual conscientiousness which ultimately determines the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Work Based Integrated Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5250 Words.
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