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Business Culture - Essay Example

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Organizational change or organizational change management refers to a process in which individuals, processes, practices and whole organizations are transformed from their current position to a new desired position. It has three stages or phases, viz. design, planning and…
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Business Culture
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Download file to see previous pages Organizational change or change management has become a very important aspect in the modern day management practice. Change is desirable when everything else has failed to ensure the continuous survival of the business. However change in itself might not be desirable when the degree of resistance to change become stronger because when resistance gathers momentum that in itself is an indicator of the existence of other solutions. If organizational change were focused on improving critical success factors related to financial management, Human Resource Management (HRM), employee relations, supply chain management, quality management, marketing and corporate social responsibility (CSR), then the organization would have to face considerable resistance.
In the first instance when change involves people it is all the more difficult to manage the process of change smoothly because employees depending on their attitude to change would not remain silent. Thus as much as the active management of the change process involves attitudinal changes, there are predefined objectives that would require far reaching changes at each level before a final changes brought aboutAlbert Breton (Author) › Visit Amazons Albert Breton Page
. Organizational change also requires a far greater commitment on the part of management to initiate change. However once it is initiated the degree of participation by other employees alone would determine the success or the failure of the program. Thus organizational change theories have evolved overtime with particular emphasis on the change management process of employees in general.
Lewin’s theory of organizational change is based on a three tier change management process in which a system of continuous replacement is adopted. Thus it is known as unfreeze-change-refreeze model. For example in the first stage the existing organizational setup is unfrozen or dismantled. In the second stage changes are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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