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Organizational Change Management in Nokia - Research Paper Example

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This research paper is going to select Nokia Corporation as an organization, which requires business change and new trends. The trends will make the organization competitive in the international market to gain back its lost position as a market leader…
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Organizational Change Management in Nokia
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Extract of sample "Organizational Change Management in Nokia"

Download file to see previous pages The reasons of failure could be market competitors “Samsung” and could be the old trends of business, which have restrained Nokia from true organizational success.  The Trends to be Adapted Talking about the trends of the business especially organizations, which are on the technological side include, innovation, advancement, modification and sustainability (Mohin, 2012). Firms that are operating on the mass global level are in the trench of such modern business trends. Firms especially in the mobile phone sector are marching up with such technology and advancement. Actually, the soul of such trends relate to the perception of the modern customer, which expects advancement, innovation and modification in all the products and services (Woo, 2013). Present organizations such as Apple, Samsung, Sony or HTC are moving up with modern business trends (Woo, 2013). The organizations understand that their secret of success lies behind the prevailing business trends. To progress, to compete or to accelerate in the globalized business order, organizations have identified such contemporary trends as effective compellers. Actually, consumers are more familiar with modernization and hence they want to see things changing in the business order too. For such reason, the demand is of those companies, which have the concept of change, innovation and modification. These have become the essentials of business operation- essentials of progress and succession (Mohin, 2012). The concept of a smartphone first introduced by Apple and then the Samsung’s Android phone are the major examples of innovation. This innovation, which has become the delight of modern consumers has been thoroughly adapted within the organizations’ systems (Woo, 2013). The same is what is expected from Nokia - a company, which remained in the old trends and not able to define technology in the right innovative sense (Cheng, 2012). They tried to stay on ultra cheap with and hence not able to meet innovation and technological grounds. The innovative concept of Samsung Galaxy X is what brought Nokia to a threat. This is where the gap of trend was there, and hence, Nokia was not able to pick the track of progression (Mohin, 2012). Furthermore, the trend of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), which is the trend of other mobile leader companies, as well also seemed lost in the Nokia operation (Cheng, 2012). Samsung one of the trademark companies has adopted the practices of green and green management (Krames, 2005). This is for sustaining resources for the future and for the Corporate Social Responsibility objective. Meanwhile, organizations when they have the leadership, the vision and ideology they work in such social business norms. They know that to survive for future generations that have to imply such valuable social trends. All such trends are followed by the trend-setting organizations and hence need to be adapted by lagging organizations such as Nokia Corporation. Actually, Corporate Social Responsibility and even any new business trend come from the leadership and the culture of the organization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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