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One Preaching Journal - Lab Report Example

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Of those who attend regularly 45% are over 55 years of age. About 35% are between 30 and 54 years of age. 15% are children and youth with only a handful of people in their 20’s. The church which was started in the early 1950’s is now 55 years old. The original…
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One Preaching Journal
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Download file to see previous pages There is also a fellowship time offered after the service with coffee and cookies available for all.
The community of which the congregation is a part is a small city of 50,000 people. The city is surrounded by a rural agricultural area. A large food processing company has a manufacturing plant in this city and is its major employer. There is also a small hospital to serve basic health care needs. The community also has its own newspaper and a local radio station. There is a public library and one post office located in the center of town. There are also small bus and train stations servicing the city. The public school system has four elementary schools, two junior high and two high schools. There is one Catholic school with grades kindergarten through 8; and there is also a Christian school with grades kindergarten through 8 which several Christian congregations in the community help to support. A large city of 300,000 is a little over an hour’s drive from this community. The church building of this congregation is located in the middle of an older residential neighborhood just six city blocks from the center of town. The downtown of this community is suffering an economic decline as large and popular discount stores and shopping centers have built close to a major highway that runs just outside of town, drawing business to that area and forcing the closure of several downtown businesses. The community is suffering a significant amount of unemployment at this time as the result of the current economic crisis.
This congregation is predominately white working middle class people. About half of those in the congregation who work, work in agriculturally related occupations either in the food processing plant, on the farms directly, or in businesses related to the agricultural industry. About 10% are unemployed due to layoffs and cutbacks. About 30% work in stores, banks ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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