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Present an argument for including 'intuition' as an important constituent of managerial competency - Essay Example

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Similarly, intuition has been with humanity from the beginning. And currently there has been an emerging interest on the importance of intuition in management, particularly in surmounting the…
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Present an argument for including intuition as an important constituent of managerial competency
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Download file to see previous pages d blueprints initiates the execution of decisions, usually very quickly, upon the source of an ‘unconscious reasoning’ mechanism which could have an emotional element, such as a ‘hunch’ (Mani, 1995, 365).
On the other hand, management is becoming identified more and more as a way by which manager put into action and push in strategic change within organisations. Managing has been recognised as a fusion of creativity and intuition. In the context of strategic management intuition involves diverging from an arranged plan so as to speed up the execution of actions (Smith & Hitt, 2005). The objective of this study is to argue that intuition is important in modern management and effective strategies in training managers to become more intuitive.
At present the different constructs that merge to elaborate on organisational management have been extended to comprise components of innovation, adaptation and firmness. Strategic management in the 1960s has been viewed by intellectuals as an organisational pathology, in the sense that it deviated from the conventional incremental course of action, and then put into practice (Thomas, 2007). Nonetheless, Weick was one of the pioneering supporters of strategic action, and the rising interest in and recognition of this facet of management has led to intuition being more broadly recognised as an ability that can help in corporate planning activities (Thomas, 2007). In the 1990s this progress has sped up in intensity, and given the necessity for more rapid cycle periods and more ground-breaking solutions and ideas to gain or maintain competitive leverage; these changes exhibit hardly any indications of subsiding (Nichols, 2006).
The advancement toward managerially advocated intuitional activity seems to be influencing how organisations deal with both the manner in which work task is accomplished, and the manner in which it is controlled. Numerous organisations are encouraging employees to devote time and opportunity to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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