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Fire & the Built Environment - Essay Example

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It explores some four incidents of fire explosions in Britain: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The paper looks at the possible causes of these…
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Fire & the Built Environment
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Extract of sample "Fire & the Built Environment"

Download file to see previous pages It also seeks to create awareness to the public regarding the laws, regulations and various behavior modes found in the building and the environment around. The paper further helps in enhancing the knowledge as well as necessary skills of the researcher in solving problems, analysis of data and information, working as a team and establishing independent working mind.
Since time immemorial, fire has been causing several accidents though fire explosions. Sometimes, they are quite horrible as well as devastating. Fire accidents have been causing a lot of damage to property as well as several loses of peoples lives. In several incidences, fire accidents have been leading to loss of millions assets and even affect the countries economy.
In spite of the dangers posed by fire accidents, fire has been so crucial to human being life and hence can not be avoided. Fire is essential in cooking, domestic uses and even for leisure. Most fire accidents occur as a result of human carelessness as well as natural disasters. Although most of the fire accidents starts as small mistakes by different people, the fire spreads out quickly as a result of lack of the most appropriate preventive measures which can be employed in containing the situation(Fire Precautions, 2008). There is therefore the need to educate as well as find the best approaches of dealing with fire. There is also the need of use of the best measures to avoid much damage in case the fire occurs. Ignorance to understand these measures as well as the necessary experience, as witnessed in several cases that fire have happened and caused damages, are the major concern which the fire prevention departments need to explore further.
The safety measures and precautions needed in buildings and their environment are usually referred to as fire safety. They are employed to help prevent or if possible reduce the potential damage that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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