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Implementation of effective youth justice practice - Essay Example

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The youth justice system is a challenging area that is fraught not only with challenges but also of the grave responsibility of rehabilitating and restoring young, troubled lives to the same level of playing field that are afforded their peers leading normal lives. The youth…
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Implementation of effective youth justice practice
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Download file to see previous pages lunteer or a current youth justice worker is afforded the appropriate and up-to-date knowledge and skills that will make effective youth justice within his/her easy grasp. Foundation Degree arms the youth justice worker with the necessary expertise to effectively carry out their two-pronged primary functions of supporting the youth who have offended or are prone to offending and at the same ensuring that they do not offend or reoffend. This expertise includes putting into application a variety of strategies and approaches that the worker has learned in the course of the study.
The knowledge and expertise that one gains from the course is not, however, focused merely on dealing with problem youths but also includes developing the worker’s personal capacity for a reflective kind of approach in his/her work. The youth justice worker is trained to develop a discerning and critical attitude towards his/her work as well as ensure that the same is fundamentally ethical, sound and based on correct and accurate knowledge. This is done by gaining a through and extensive knowledge of the England and Wales youth justice system and the immediate application of this knowledge not only to one’s work as a volunteer or professional but also within the context of a multi-agency setting. The several approaches and strategies in dealing with youth offenders afford the worker with the privilege to exercise a critical and analytical approach to determine the best fit for each case. This precludes a mechanical and routine application of knowledge and skills but rather persistently challenges the worker to constantly exercise discriminatory and analytical approach to his/her work. The facility to constantly exercise the wisdom and skills to determine the best option for every case can only contribute to the personal and professional growth of the worker. As the worker handles more and more cases of youth offenders, his/her analytical skills become more developed and his/her ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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