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The microorganisms have significant importance in our daily life. They play their role in both beneficial and harmful features. Their importance in our habitat leads us to study thoroughly about…
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Importance in accurate bac identification-microbio
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Microorganisms” Microorganisms are the living creature which can change the fate of this world. The microorganisms have significant importance in ourdaily life. They play their role in both beneficial and harmful features. Their importance in our habitat leads us to study thoroughly about them. Since they cannot be seen by naked eye, their identification is considered as a tough job. It requires so much perfection to work with microorganisms in order to reduce the chances of contamination. Microorganisms contribute at a high extent for the spread of infectious disease. Therefore the identification of etiological agents of certain pathogenic organism is very important for the welfare of mankind. It leads us to identify whether the microorganisms are pathogenic? Which type of infection do they cause? What is the route of transmission? What pathological conditions does it cause with in the living body? These all questions can only be answered by the correct identification of microorganisms. The diseases can never be cured until the microorganism is recognized. It also enable us to prepare suitable media for the growth of specific specie there can study their characteristics easily.
After identification, we can determine the mode of action of certain pathogenic microorganisms. It may also help us to design certain drugs against them. These drugs have mode of action respectfully to the pathogen for example, the pathogen causing GIT infection, the drugs used will be considered more effective if it is administered orally. It not only enables us to create preventive measures against epidemic or pandemic infections but also help us in determining the way of their administration into the body.
Today the major arising problem in the world of microbiology is the mutations that are taking place in the genetic makeup of microorganism. These mutations enable the microorganisms to become resistant against certain drugs. The resistant power of infectious organisms may also arise due to the improper route of administration, which does not provide significant immunity but results in the enhancement of pathogenicity of microorganisms by the exposure of certain drugs in the amount less than the required doze. Because of the identification of certain microorganisms at specie level, today we are able to compete with them and even can defeat this little creature. We can design antibiotics, drugs antiserums, toxoids, vaccines etc. due to the identification today we are able to reduce the infectious diseases at a remarkable rate (Collier & Haburchak, 1999).
Collier, & Haburchak, D. R. (1999). Topley and Wilsons Microbiology and Microbial Infections. JAMA : the Journal of the American Medical Association. 281 (14), 1341. Read More
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