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Analysis of Bacterial Identification - Assignment Example

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This essay "Analysis of Bacterial Identification" discusses the basis of bacterial identification which is rooted in taxonomy. Taxonomy is concerned with cataloging bacterial genus and species. Genus is a group of relates species and species is a group of related strains…
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Analysis of Bacterial Identification
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Bacterial Identification"

Download file to see previous pages In the present exercise, the primary tests used after bacterial culture were the pigment production by the given organisms followed by microscopic examination for the cellular shape, size, arrangements, and motility. The given organisms produced yellow pigments and were non-motile, spherical in shape and were arranged in clusters of four to six. Next, Gram staining was done to see if the organisms were gram positive or negative. The given organisms were gram-positive as indicated by their purple coloration.
The secondary tests done were to see if the organisms were aerobic, i.e. if they required oxygen for survival and growth. Also, several nutrients were checked to see if the bacteria could substitute the normally used glucose for nutrition with any other saccharide. These were lactose, sucrose, and citrate utilization tests. Possession of the enzyme nitrate reductase by the bacteria was tested by performing the nitrate reductase test. In this test, nitrates are reduced to nitrites which react with reagent A and B to give red dye. The ability of the bacteria to synthesize enzymes to fight oxidative end products (mostly lethal superoxide radicals), namely catalase and oxidase, were also done. Enteric bacteria usually produce stable acid and turn methyl red to yellow. Methyl red test was done to see the capability of the organism to convert saccharides into acids. This acid is the end product of glucose metabolism and was tested using the oxidation/fermentation tests. The enzyme gelatinase, a protein-digesting enzyme, if produced by the bacteria can liquefy solid gelatin. This test turned out to be negative (Washington, W. 2006)
The most important primary test was the identification of the colony color imparted by the pigments produced by the given bacteria. Not many bacterial species produce pigments and if they do, they have different colors. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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