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ERP system interface with another application - Essay Example

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M/s Community Care Hospital (CCH) has been running a Hospital Management Software (HMS) that was developed 15 years back by their IT development team. The present HMS is the legacy system that was developed using FoxPro. The present legacy system HMS is quite old but is…
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ERP system interface with another application
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Download file to see previous pages In the changing business environment the Board of Directors of the hospital recognizes the grave need of changing the legacy system and bringing in new integrated system that is based on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) model. The board also recognizes and admits that the present legacy system cannot be renewed and extended. In spite of the desperate need for the new system the board of management does not want to scrap the existing legacy system but would like to implement the ERP system in phased manner through Crawl-Walk-Run approach. As part of the implementation of the new and modern ERP system the management has contracted the work to a very experienced software integrator company. The work of the said software integrator and developer company is to study, design, develop and implement various software modules in phased manner. During the initial phase the contractor company has already studied and brought a white paper on how to replace the legacy system and bring in the new and modern ERP system. The new system is going to be based on modern ERP framework. All the modules of the proposed ERP system will be modular and dynamic so that implementation of each phase of the individual system is easy and hassle-free. The new ERP is planned to integrate all the different primary systems like Out-Patient Registration, In-patient registration, Canteen, Medicine Shops POS and Inventory, Billing, Receipts, Refunds, Human Resource Management, Payroll, Finance Accounting, Stores, Document / Record Management, Rosters, Management Accounting, and all other functions of the hospital.
At present the ERP system has already integrated Out-Patient registration, In-patient registration, Billing, Receipts and Refunds. Now to move forward towards the ultimate goal of implementation of a complete integrated, new and modern ERP system in CCH, the management has asked the company to introduce the first ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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