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Emergence of the Internet has offered numerous opportunities to the businesses and industries to survive and grow not only in local markets as well as internationally. Lot of new and innovative types of online businesses can be seen nowadays. This report presents analysis of the…
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Running head: Web based web e-book Web based Face E-book Affiliation November 2009 Web based Face-E-Book business Emergence of the Internet has offered numerous opportunities to the businesses and industries to survive and grow not only in local markets as well as internationally. Lot of new and innovative types of online businesses can be seen nowadays. This report presents analysis of the new web based business development and implementation. This business will be an online book retailer shop that will facilitate the people to buy and search books online. The main inspiration of this system development has emerged from the “FaceBook”. This new web based system will be a website that offers the facility to people to search and purchase book at the web site.
This web based business will be based on two types of business models. The first business model will be based on the direct books sales and second one will offer the facility to purchase the books using affiliated partners such as Amazon, Microsoft and publishers.
The main step in this web based business implementation is the analysis of the market place for the new web based business development and implementation. In this phase of the web based business analysis we will assess the market trends and business activities. This will help us in establishing a practical business policy that can facilitate the effective business implementation.
In the next step we will develop an e-business implementation plan and e-commerce revenue models. These both areas will be the foundations of the online business development and implementation. The business policy will address the business customers, target market, privacy policy, underlying business deals, etc. While the ecommerce revenue models will provide us the basic platform regarding the online revenue generation. The main revenue models we are going to implement are (Carter, 2009):
Direct product sales
Commission-based sales (affiliate, auction, marketplace)
The next step in this system implementation is system design and development. The system designing involves all the necessary web based usability aspects that offer the user a clear view of the system development and offer the online customer a better and enhanced interaction. The web based system development will involve the implementation of the web based system and making system according to the established system requirements.
The next phase involves the web based system implementation. In this phase initially we need to purchase a web site domain name that will be used for our website. The next step regarding selection of the services and ISP (Internet services provides) to make our website available on web. These also involve the process of taking Internet server space. After this step our website will be available on the web and people would be able to access our website from our chosen web link (domain).
The main and most significant part of this whole system development is web based business marketing. In this step we will promote our business to our target customer. We will select business market, target customer and marketing technique for the web based business implementation (Kotler, 1997).
After this we will offer our services to the customers and make our web based business better according to emerging market trends and requirements. This would be done by receiving the customers’ feedback and suggestions.
E-commerce has become a basic need for almost every business and organization. In this report I have outlined a step wise approach for the establishment of an online business. I hope this will be helpful regarding the web based business development life cycle.

Carter, B. (2009). The 5 Best Revenue Models in E-Commerce History. Retrieved November 23, 2009, from
Kotler, P. A. (1997). Marketing: An Introduction. Prentice-Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ. Read More
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Facebook Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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