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Web Based Library System Management with Business Intelligence - Research Paper Example

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The author of the current research paper "Web-Based Library System Management with Business Intelligence" mentions that today is a digital age or rather now the age is of World Wide Web and what would be more useful to bring online then the information centres of institutes…
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Web Based Library System Management with Business Intelligence
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Extract of sample "Web Based Library System Management with Business Intelligence"

Download file to see previous pages In my final year project, I have tried to combine all those points to design a library system which is web-based and utilizes the latest techniques of data warehousing and business intelligence.
For the performance of multiple tasks like maintaining the bibliographical database, catalogues and changes, a smart and intelligent system have become indispensable for academic libraries. The contemporary library systems are also using the facility to be available online and reach their target readers despite geographical distances. The concept of a web-based library serves millions of people who get online as its an emerging technology for marking up documents and for attaching metadata to them1.
The importance of academic libraries has hitherto been recognized by teachers and students. In fact initially, the catalogue being provided by the librarians was also a way of facilitating the distance-based learning. However, with the evolving time, the need is changing and web-based libraries are the need of the hour. It is a point of contact for students from their home2 and they require knowing the services available to them and how to process the interlibrary loans from the ease of their home.
This precisely is the objective of making this project. This report explains the need for my web-based library project and where I have enhanced the usual concept. My main aim has been the designing of an intelligent database for the library which can also make the tactical decisions rather than being simply stuck to operational decisions. The project is an open source system with two search engines for the books and journals. Many open sources and Data Base Management Systems (DBMS) have already been designed and used to their effectiveness, still, their limitations are many. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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