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The importance of ethical leadership, definition and scope, is a significant debate especially in the academic and student circles. The importance of this topic lies in the fact, that educational leaders shape…
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Propose and Justify Research Method and Design
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Download file to see previous pages Research design ensures that different parts of the research process do not conflict with each other. Research design usually comes after we have identified problem situations and developed a Hypothesis or problem statement. It’s usually is a rational decision making process, which is very methodological.
To understand the role of ethical leadership in the educational environment, opinions, literature and hardcore statistics will be equally important. The nature of the study is such that a single dimensional study with only statistics or only opinions will not be able to answer the question at hand. In such a study taking only quantitative or only a qualitative analysis will complicate the problem statement. Thus there is a need to take a mixed method design approach for the study mentioned.
A study using a mixed method design aims to establish facts using both quantitative and qualitative data; therefore it is called a mixed method design. Mixed method design is usually used in studies which are on the initial stages of research, and the research questions require the research to both come up with the proper definitions and solve the problem statement at the same time. If we use mixed method design for ‘How can ethical leadership in educational institution, influence a positive learning environment?’ a design with the following elements can be used. Below are details of why a mixed method design is important, for each element of research design.
The purpose of the study will be to both explore and describe certain elements to enhance and increase understanding. An exploratory study is undertaken when not much is known about the situation, or there are no valid examples of how similar problems have been handled in the past. This type of study enables to better comprehend the nature of the problem. In essence an exploratory study enables the researcher to get much needed familiarity with a research topic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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