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Given the nature of their responsibilities and the means available to the police department in general, discharge of police functions is found to be more problematic than any other public services. However it can reasonably be stated that some of the issues stem from the current…
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Performance evaluation and measurment in Abu Dhabi police department
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Download file to see previous pages This paper analyzes the suitability of different performance evaluation metrics based on chosen criteria for evaluation and recommends the implementation of ‘Balanced Scorecard’ approach to performance measurement in Abu Dhabi Police Department and illustrates the application of this performance measurement tool as part of a strategic planning initiative.
Keeping the maintenance of security and stability as the main goal the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters has framed its strategic initiatives for excelling in its performance. The strategic priorities include (i) effective controlling of the crime, (ii) increasing the confidence of the community in police and public safety services, (iii) maintaining security and safety in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, (iv) making commuting through the roads safer, (v) improving the performance of the staff of the department by implementing the best international practices and (vi) providing all policing operations with functional support (Abu Dhabi Police Strategic Plan, 2008).
The responsibility for improving meeting these strategic priorities and improving the performance has been entrusted with the Strategic Management and Performance Improvement Department reporting directly to the Commander General of Abu Dhabi Police. Unlike many of the other police forces in the world, the aim of Abu Dhabi Police does not stop with achieving peace by reducing crime. The Department embarks upon much deeper and concept of performance which is more visionary in nature. Therefore the objective of Strategic Management and Performance Improvement Department is to transform the Abu Dhabi Policemen from the conventional symbol of watcher and guardian to the a non-traditional image of the comprehensive employee. This calls for a complete relook into the performance appraisal system and suggest suitable alternatives so that the Department can contribute more the maintenance of peace, tradition and justice ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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