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“Culture” usually means civilization or intellectual refinement, which is associated with human values and has links with behavior, education and pride. All human being have culture, which he learn from his family, society and organization, and he carries through his life…
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Cross culture awareness
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Download file to see previous pages Organization culture is key element in the organizational excellence and it existence. Organizational culture is depending on the constructed environment of the organization, office layout, public documents like character and orientation of employees and manners of dress code, visible and audible patterns. This is group culture which is developed or invented by learning, internal integration and external adaptation. Cultural analysis is a key facto for identification and tackles the cultural differences between the parties who participate in a merger (Botha, 2001). Analysis of cultural difference and common factors in both organization and proper interaction between two parties on these difference are plays significant role in the success of a merger.
Recruit Right, the company from USA and Managerial Recruiters from Japan decided to merge there business activities due to the market pressure and starts its new operation in Germany targeting the wide opportunity in European Market and also the opportunity to tackle the potential candidates, training program and tax incentives are the major enhancement for the companies to relocate and start its business in Germany. Both companies Recruit right and Managerial recruiters are belonging to two different countries which have totally different cultural. Merging these two companies are causing difficulties or issue not only because two cultural differences, but also the new endeavor they are looking to stars in Germany which is again totally different from the culture belonging to these two companies. It will be a challenge for the company to merge the two different corporate cultures and adopt totally new corporate culture.
Corporate culture is the combination of the inherited values, tradition and symbols, which include general image, external and internal, prized rewards, bonus, company housing etc. Every company has its own individual characteristics and entity, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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