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Google's creativity tools and innovation management - Essay Example

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Google is considered as the world’s most popular search engine which was established by Larry Page and Surgey Brin on September 4, 1998; the scholar of computer science department of Stanford University. The key factors behind success of Google can be summaries as follows:
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Googles creativity tools and innovation management
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Download file to see previous pages As per the new in the market Wolfram Alpha is getting into a partnership with Microsoft; and the other competitor Cuil formed by Ex-employees of Google is also considered a strong competitor of Google. Though Yahoo is also among the competitors of Google, but it might not be so threatening.
1. Six Thinking Hats technique teach the members to distinguish between different kind of thinking and then to relate them with distinct colour (University Of Texas, n.d.). In Google the management understands that Six Thinking Hat often results in great ideals and innovative solution, so they ask their employees to follow this habit (Executive Education Panel, n.d.). Still Microsoft relies more on blue hat think (Fried, 2005). As per Do Bono use of this technique assist the company to be creative (Faulknor, n.d.).
2. Brainstorm is used by the companies for generating alternative and innovative ideas and solutions for prevailing problem (Usability Body of Knowledge, 2005). In Google the brainstorming in applied for determining new products or services which will make the experience of customers better (Chamonix, 2007. p.1-6). None of the competitor of Google practices 80/20 Rule for better brainstorming techniques (Ahmad, 2007). As per the module it results in generation of new ideas.
3. Fishbone Map is a cause-effect analysis tool which is often used by the companies to show interaction in a complex situation or event (Cap Fear community College, n.d.). This comprises of five 5M: Man, Method, Machine, Material and Measurement. This helps the management to analyse the root cause behind any particular problem so it is called “trouble shooting method” (Abdulla, n.d.). This is a creative tool, which is used by Google quite often, is getting adopted by its other competitors like (Mochal, 2007). As per Ishikawa the companies should use this technique to develop creative solutions for the problem (Watne State University, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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