Your opinion about illegal immigration ( is it good or bad for the U.S.) - Essay Example

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In an era of global economic flight from the poorest regions of the world as well as era in which there are many humanitarian crises, people are abandoning their lives, migrating and seeking a…
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Your opinion about illegal immigration ( is it good or bad for the U.S.)
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Download file to see previous pages Looking to explore immigration policies and the recent desire in the United States to allow immigrants to apply for legal immigration despite the fact that many have resided in the United States illegally for years, the following essay will argue that the United States has a duty to protect the most vulnerable citizens of the world. Accordingly, this essay will argue that the legalization of migrant workers is a positive step for the United States of America (Pew Research Center, 2009).
Migration is an important issue which is gaining increasing attention in an era of economic interdependence, the movement of people across borders and the globalization phenomenon. Today, it is estimated that up to million people live in the United States illegally as undocumented workers and illegal aliens (Pew Research Center, 2009). Why do people choose to migrate from one place to another? Economic opportunity is one of the most important factors which draws people to the United States of America, the unequivocal land of opportunity. Accordingly, the decision of the Irish to immigrate to the United States during the height of the Potato Famine – it estimated that approximately 3.5 million Irishmen and women immigrated to the United States alone from 1820 to 1880 – supports some the idea that economic opportunity draws people to the United States. As a result, extreme and unfavorable conditions in Ireland paved the way for a large influx of migrants to the United States following economic crisis in the homeland. According to the Pew Research Center, California is the home of the largest number of undocumented workers and illegal migrants, largely as a result of the belief of opportunity in that state. Immigrants today, particularly from the poorer regions of the world, immigrate to the United States for similar reasons and their status should be legalized in order to facilitate the growth of this country, a nation of immigrants since it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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