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This entire process depends on various factors such as intensity of patient suffering in various stages of illness, the person’s cultural and religious…
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Coping, Stressor Anticipation and Endurance
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Running head: stress management. Coping, Stressor Anticipation and Endurance Week-8 Discussion Topic Coping with disease (Cancer Discuss coping with loss and grief.
Coping with grief caused due to loss of loved one to a fatal illness like cancer is a very complex and sensitive process. This entire process depends on various factors such as intensity of patient suffering in various stages of illness, the person’s cultural and religious beliefs and faith, coping skills, mental state and strength, support systems, and the person’s socioeconomic status (Worden, 2003). Loss of loved ones in such situations is immediately followed by grief symptoms related to mental, physical, social or emotional aspects. Mental reactions can include anger, guilt, anxiety, sadness, or despair; physical reactions like sleeping problems, change in appetite, health issues can occur. Disturbances in social aspects may be in the form of taking over other family responsibilities, interacting with family and friends, ability to return to work etc.
In such situations, grief counselling and grief therapy can be very effective. It helps the person to accept the loss, to live without the loved one and to make decisions, emotional separation from the person, and makes the mourner stronger mentally, emotionally and physically. Allowing the mourners to experience the entire grief process helps in relieving them from grief and depression, and in bringing their lives back to normality (Cancer, 2003). Kissane et al.’s (2006) research identified that a family-focussed grief therapy is most effective in coping the grief from loss of loved one. This specifically brings about reduction in complications of bereavement, helps the family members function normally, and helps in cohesion and communication among family members. In conclusion, coping with loss and grief due to illness is specific to every individual and should be approached considering all the impacting factors and their intensity.
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Updated February, 26 2003. Accessed November 6, 2009. from Read More
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