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An empirical study of the existing Indian fashion brands operating in the United Kingdom fashion market - Essay Example

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As Zwaag and Nagrath (2005) explain, the term fashion is much more commonly used and it refers to the prevailing clothing trends in vogue. Several types of fashion may be in the trend in a particular culture…
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An empirical study of the existing Indian fashion brands operating in the United Kingdom fashion market
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Extract of sample "An empirical study of the existing Indian fashion brands operating in the United Kingdom fashion market"

Download file to see previous pages It is the fashion designer’s job to create fashion and make clothing for those demanding fashionable clothes. The fashion designers influence the prevailing fashion tremendously and have a grave effect on what will the future fashion be (Images KSA Technopak Study, 2005).
As Rabolt & Soloman (2004) explain, global fashion is when a particular type of fashion is famous across the globe for instance big brand names like Channel and Armani. Fashion has become an international commodity because with globalization, people travel form one country to another taking their culture and traditions with them. They cannot completely adapt to the environment of the region they are travelling to because their culture and tradition as may differ from that region. However, Zwaag and Nagrath (2005) defend that they also want to mingle with the people and thus seek to dress in a way that is somewhat mid way –it represents their culture and at the same time helps them be a part of their current surroundings. Moreover, those who experience people from other cultures coming into their country, are influenced by them and they also want to alter their way of dressing etc. thus such an interaction of people belonging to different cultures evolves fashion as people demand clothes that is a product of the influence of different cultures. New art, culture, tradition etc, also inspire the fashion designers and they seek to incorporate that into their work. Thus as Rabolt & Soloman (2004) add, with globalization, fashion has broken its bounds of traditional cultures and seeks to become global.
Indian Fashion industry has become global as globalization influenced the country. With India’s economic boom, many industries prospered and so did the Indian fashion industry as the purchasing power of the people increased. Moreover, according to Schiffman and Kanuk ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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An Empirical Study of the Existing Indian Fashion Brands Operating in Essay.
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