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The present study under the title "Fast Fashion" concerns the phenomenon of fast fashion. As the author puts it, the fast fashion is normally used by the fashion retailers for the designs that are shown on various catwalks and moved in fashion stores…
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Fast Fashion
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Extract of sample "Fast Fashion"

The assignment is regarding the fashion and the details about fast fashion. The assignment also mentions about the fashion house Zara.

Defining Fast fashion
Considered as the contemporary term, the fast fashion is normally used by the fashion retailers for the designs that are shown on various catwalks and moved in fashion stores (Hines & Bruce, 2001).

The basic idea behind this movement is to capture and capitalize upon the popularity of the current fashion trends. The range present in the fast fashion trends are presented by the established designers during autumn and spring collection of the annual fashion week (Hines & Bruce, 2001).

The main emphasis of the various fashion houses is to optimize the various supply chain processes to design, manufacture and distribute the latest fashions in the market with the minimum costs (Hines & Bruce, 2001). The main aim is to offer the current fashion trends to the mainstream customers at the affordable cost. Some of the most prominent brands in this field are Topshop, Peacocks and Zara (Hines & Bruce, 2001).
As per Lowson, King & Hunter, 1999, the quick-response model was first developed in the USA during the 1990s and since its founding, Zara is one of the leading brand and is at the forefront for the implementation of this fashion retail concept as well as revolution before the other companies such as Benetton.

Critical management elements of the "fast fashion" business model

The main aim of any business is the continuous success in the market as well as an increase in revenue in the long time-period. In quick response or fast fashion business model,the time is of the utmost essence. So, every part of the business plays an important role. This starts from designing the garments to the vendor supplies and the production department (Caro & Mart´ınez-de-Alb´eniz, 2014). The marketing department, transportation system as well as the retail store have also a very important role in reaching the customers and sell the final product (Caro & Mart´ınez-de-Alb´eniz, 2014).
1. Marketing
A key factor of the fast fashion, this department identifies as well as creates the demand for new designs in the market. The main idea is to promote the fashion as disposable, changing and offer them at the low prices (Caro & Mart´ınez-de-Alb´eniz, 2014).
2. Design
The designers are a critical component of the fast fashion business model as they identify the popular styles in any area and design the next collection by keeping it in the mind (Caro & Mart´ınez-de-Alb´eniz, 2014)..
3. Production
Production department plays an important role in this process by producing an optimized number of collections within the given deadline (Caro & Mart´ınez-de-Alb´eniz, 2014).
4. Supply chain management
As the supply chain management includes many processes such as the supply of the raw material from the vendors and the supply of the finished products to the retail stores, it plays an important role in Fast Fashion business model (Caro & Mart´ınez-de-Alb´eniz, 2014)..

a map illustrating all of the countries where Zara stores operate, as well as its distribution hubs, and use arrows or other visual elements to speculate how Inditex transports its clothing to all of its stores within a 2 week time period.

a) Zara Distributor Hubs Worldwide

b) Zara Retail Stores worldwide

Zara supply chain management

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