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Piracy attacks in African region, including those on American ships, have fetched the international consideration to the extended problem of piracy in the area. Major part of pirate attacking is directly connected with the continuing political insecurity and the absence of a…
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Piracy Off the Horn of Africa
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Download file to see previous pages d adventurous quest for so many young men, making prospective legal intricacies for provincial and international governments searching to try pirate group’s doubts for supposed crimes. The absence of stable functioning government is an existing challenge and it offers freedom of action for those people participated in piracy along the African region Lauren Ploch et al remark; “The apparent motive of many active Somali pirate groups is profit; and piracy has proven to be a lucrative activity for many thus far” (Ploch, et al, 2009). Studies prove that Somalis give political and economic motivation to some one occupied in piracy. Today most of the pirates groups in Somalia region have emerged complicated operational facilities and they have eared advanced weaponry, transporting, financial stability that make them more efficient than local forces. Paradoxically, if only a group of pirates in Somalia region have followed piracy attacking as their means of income, the regional fishing industry in Somalia cost has been deteriorated gradually by the hazard of piracy attacking.
Economical distractions and sufferings are the major reasons for piracy in Somalia region. Environmental hardships, poverty lack of employment, low income, diminishing of regional food production, and poor maritime resources contribute piracy in Somalia region. Non functioning government promotes insecurity and financial inequality among the people who live in Somalia. International support networks and their financial helps are another important reason behind piracy. Financial profitability and defective judiciary system are the encouraging factors for many young men in Somalia. Illegal shipping is the primary stage of all kinds of illegal activities and piracy.
Piracy tightened its hold on Africa especially Somalia in 1990s when Siad Barre, who tried his best to unite and better the people of Somalia, ruled the nation. As part of his mission Barre tried to bring the people of Somalia under ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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