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It is a study which involves elements of psychology, sociology as well as economics and it strives to comprehend, analyze and evaluate the decision making process of a…
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Download file to see previous pages first coined in the 1950s whereby the young adolescents were newly identified as a separate group of individuals with distinctive needs and since then has been associated with a range of products popularly marketed by the media as exclusively for teens such as ‘teen magazines’, ‘teen clothing’, ‘teen fashion accessories’, ‘teen music’ and the likes (Storry et al, 2002). A further offshoot of the term is “tweens” which includes a much younger age group i.e. eleven and twelve year olds since they are often found to emulate the older teens and display more or less similar needs and wants especially with regard to fashion. Fashion is no longer a restricted domain meant for adults and has crept into the wardrobes of a much younger generation thereby creating a whole new market to satisfy the demands of this emerging trend. Children as young as six are often seen attending make up parties and wearing crop tops and displaying fake tattoos. With changing global trends teens today have more buying power and are often seen shopping for themselves in malls at stores catering exclusively for them such as Gap, Tammy Girl, Children’s Next etc. It is on account of such a trend that a study influencing their buying behavior, particularly related to fashion products is of utmost significance to marketers. For instance it is often observed that teens today are largely influenced by Teen idols such as “The Jonas Brothers”, “High School Musical” stars, “Disney Channel” etc and Teen magazines such as “Seventeen”, and “Teen Vogue” which is playing a major role in dictating their fashion trends.
The association between consumers’ attitudes towards certain clothing items and human behavior can be explained with respect to the society we live in since it plays a major role in the manner in which the consumers react and make their buying decisions. Most of the Western World can be regarded as a consumer driven society where the individual ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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