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HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AGGINMENT(short answer questions) - Essay Example

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Economic environment is one of the major external factors which influence HR operations. Economic prosperity creates heightened demand for merchandize and services. HR department needs to retain qualified and…
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Download file to see previous pages Another important external factor is globalization which has created new business opportunities. HR departments have to analyze the benefits and costs of outsourcing business processes (Richardson & Thompson, 1999: Pg 67). The HR department is also influenced by the internal factors. Technology, innovation, and creativity might be implemented at the workplace. The HR department can seek to hire and recruit workers who have adequate skills in installing and configuring technological applications. Innovation and creativity is also required in order to enhance productivity and output. HR departments need to take into account the individual factors. Employees must have high levels of organizational commitment and job satisfaction in order to function at optimum levels. The HR department plans a system of incentives and rewards for performing employees. It can use assessment instruments in order to create satisfactory work environment.
The HR department is at the forefront of an organization’s corporate strategy. The work force should be selected on the basis of certain competencies. Workers should exhibit high levels of efficiency and effectiveness. Their ability to work as teams and under pressure improves the corporate strategy of the organization. Further the work force should demonstrate efficiency and effectiveness. The goal of the HR department should be develop specific competencies like leadership, management, organization, planning, and coordination amongst the work force. Workers should be trained to collaborate and cooperate with each other (Beaumont, 1993: Pg 123). A dual HR strategy refers to the creation of appropriate business rules and regulations. It seeks to regulate and monitor employee actions and performance. The advantages of this approach are that it enables the department to create accurate and reliable job descriptions. Further employee concerns and aspirations are addressed in a smart and reliable manner. A ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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