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This is due to the fact that it reduces the capability of the person to fully depend on him/her self while conducting their responsibilities (Billet 2005). As such, they are forced to depend on…
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Visual Impairment Assignment
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Running Head: VISUAL IMPAIRMENT Topic: Visual Impairment Lecturer: Presentation: Introduction Visual impairment is a condition that poses many challenges to the affected persons. This is due to the fact that it reduces the capability of the person to fully depend on him/her self while conducting their responsibilities (Billet 2005). As such, they are forced to depend on other persons with good eye sight to guide them through the various activities such as crossing busy roads, accessing doors etc. This essay is an evaluation of experiences that are faced by visually impaired persons as well as those who provide them with support.
Sensory Issues Faced by Visually Impaired Persons
Visually impaired persons are faced by several sensory issues for example lack of sight which is an important sense in human beings (Billet 2005). Due to this, they are not able to differentiate colors as well as to evade obstacles that may come across their path. While walking with blind folded eyes, all one sees is darkness which makes it impossible to describe the surroundings in which you are in for example whether ugly or beautiful. Spatial awareness also is an important feature that visually impaired people lack. This is the ability to distinguish the surroundings in which a person is which helps one to easily spot and comprehend issues. As such, a visually impaired person may not be able for example to translate other people’s facial expressions which could help him to read their attitude towards an issue.
Environmental and Physical Issues Encountered
During the activity, various environmental and physical issues were encountered. For example it was difficult to walk without the help of a cane. Using it made it easier to stabilize the body thus making walking much easier. It also helped to evade physical obstacles thus reducing the chances of causing an accident or being injured. Accessing doors was also difficult since it was hard to estimate their exact location. I had to be guided by another person in order to access the doors without falling through the stair cases that lead to the doors. During this time also, it was difficult to follow the directions that were given to me since it was not possible to approximate the exact distance that I was supposed to cover in order to make turns that would lead to my destination.
Evaluation of the Experiences of Getting Around Campus with a Visual Impairment
Getting around the campus with a visual impairment is a difficult task especially while navigating through the numerous foot paths which lead to different sections of the campus. Finding directions required the support of another person i.e. my partner, who held my hands and guided me to the right places after I almost fell into a drainage tunnel. Accessing doors was the most difficult task first because I could not see the exact location of the doors so I had to approximate by touching the walls until the point where I would find a door.
Issues I Encountered as Someone Providing Support
Providing support to a visually impaired person is a demanding task. This is due to the fact that while at it, a person becomes the eyes of the affected person. As such, it requires patience since you have to be around the person all the time. The issues I encountered are for example holding the hands of the person to direct him through the foot paths, helping them in finding doors, explaining the nature of the surroundings in which we were after covering short distances so that they can at least have an idea of where we are headed as well as warning them of any physical obstacles on the way which may accidentally cause injuries to them. However, I observed that a person who loses sight at a later stage in life has a higher capability of accustoming themselves to the surroundings (Billet 2005). At some stages, I only had to mention to my partner where we were after which he would find the direction of where we were heading to by him self.
Billet E. (2005) Perceptual impact of environmental factors in sighted and visually impaired individuals, British Journal of Visual Impairment, 23(1), 25-30 Read More
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Visual Impairment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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