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Evaluation of Children with Visual Impairment between Ages 4-12 - Coursework Example

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"Evaluation of Children with Visual Impairment between Ages 4-12" paper describes the impairment, citing the known causes, impact of the impairment on the child and the family as well as teaching strategies to support the student in the school setting used in the state of Victoria, Australia…
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Evaluation of Children with Visual Impairment between Ages 4-12
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Extract of sample "Evaluation of Children with Visual Impairment between Ages 4-12"

Download file to see previous pages A visually impaired child may suffer from incomplete sight, reduced vision, total blindness as well as legal sightlessness (Kelley and Gale p 45). It is a condition that may become severe in a child, thereby affecting its growth and development. The impact is usually dependent on the kind of loss, age at which it occurs, as well as the general body functioning of the child. The normal interest that is usually evident amongst children on seeing attractive items in their surroundings lacks in a visually impaired child. This may interfere with the child’s learning capabilities unless he/she is assisted to learn. The development of social behavior in children usually depends on the ability to see parents or those in charge of caring for the child. Visual impairment generally slows a child’s growth. 

Visual impairment usually hinders the ability of a child to either see objects that are close to them or far away in others. These are minor cases that can be solved through the provision of eyeglasses to assist them in seeing in whatever distances that may be a problem. Major eye impairments usually occur when there is a collapse of vital parts of the brain or the eye itself that are needed for normal vision. Such conditions may lead to loss of eyesight. This is usually a situation that is difficult to restore with the use of glasses or even surgical interventions. Legal sightlessness usually leads to a child failing to recognize an item unless he/she moves very close to it. It is different from total loss of sight (Wormsley and DAndrea 1996 p 51).

There are a number of known causes of visual impairment in children. Cataracts are usually cover areas of the lens, or the whole lens leading to loss of vision. They are usually characterized by cloudiness, which hinders the penetration of light into the retina. The normal eye usually possesses a clear lens through which light passes to reach the retina. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Evaluation of Children with Visual Impairment between Ages 4-12 Coursework.
(Evaluation of Children With Visual Impairment Between Ages 4-12 Coursework)
Evaluation of Children With Visual Impairment Between Ages 4-12 Coursework.
“Evaluation of Children With Visual Impairment Between Ages 4-12 Coursework”.
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