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Explain why it is important that the heart rate is able to alter and describe the psysiological processes involved in the normal control of heart rate.You need to explain to the patient about the practical procedure of measuring the pulse,and also why it - Essay Example

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It is known as the pumping organ of the body as it has the capability to pump blood to all the vital organs and tissues in the body. And thus to fulfill its functions heart has the capability…
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Explain why it is important that the heart rate is able to alter and describe the psysiological processes involved in the normal control of heart rate.You need to explain to the patient about the practical procedure of measuring the pulse,and also why it
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Extract of sample "Explain why it is important that the heart rate is able to alter and describe the psysiological processes involved in the normal control of heart rate.You need to explain to the patient about the practical procedure of measuring the pulse,and also why it"

Download file to see previous pages Thus it is vital for the heart to alter its rate as per the conditions.
It is very important for the heart to alter its rate because this steady rate pumps only a specific amount of blood in the resting state. But this blood would not be enough when the person is exercising or going through any other trauma of blood loss. This trauma or hypoxia would result to inceased demands of blood to the tissues and hence it is necessary for the heart to reply in the same manner so as to satisfy the needs of the body. Thus homeostasis is playing important role in controlling the heart which is essential for the survival of life. Because of this homeostasis the internal environment of the body is continuously maintained.
The heart is a complex organ whose rate is maintained by a set of physiological processes. It has a self excitatory node which normally passes the impulses in heart to help it maintain a normal rate. Normally it is the sino atrial node which develops such impulses in the heart. And in developing such impulses the sa node has its own resting membrane potential which is about sixty mV. But this node also has leaky sodium channels which allow the inlux of sodium ions and help it to reach a threshold level of 40mV where the calcium channels open and create an action potential. The heart is contracted and relaxed due to the spread of acton potential in the heart . the action potential in heart is created by the sinus node present in right atrium of the human heart . The depolarization wave produced by sinus node enters the atrial muscle fibres and the atria contract. Also the wave is carried through inter nodal pathways to Atrio-Ventricular node which transmit it to the ventricles after a delay. After passing through A-V node, the impulse is transmitted by Purkinje fibres to the left and right ventricles which make them contract. And following this repolarization occurs in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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