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Organization and Communication - Essay Example

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How can new theories of management (eg. cooperative work teams, workplace democracy, feminist theories) contribute to their solution? Illustrate your answer with recent examples from media…
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Organization and Communication
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Download file to see previous pages There are employees who feel threatened when they work with other people who are different with age, sex or culture (White 1999, p.477)
Also, it could affect the increase in terms of cost of training as the management may have to provide seminars, programs and lectures to counteract the negative effects of diversity in the workplace. The employees need to be taught of accepting the different personalities and ideas or thoughts of their colleagues as well as deal with conflicts (White 1999, p. 478). Another negative effect is that a group for instance may encounter reverse discrimination which usually surfaces due to affirmative action policies. This is common to white males who feel that they have been discriminated unfairly as a result of certain affirmative action policies employed by the management (Brunner, 2003). Increase in conflicts may also arise as a result of the diversity in the workplace. Ignorance is the common root of the conflicts due to some negative dynamics like ethnocentrism, stereotyping and culture clashes. When one feels to be more superior than others, there arises a conflict (White 1999, p. 478). There may also be an increase in turnover or absenteeism (White 1999, p. 479). Mismanaged diversity may give way to minority group and majority group. The members of the minority group could most of the time feel less valued as compared to their counterpart which because of stereotype, ethnocentrism and prejudice. The abilities and motivation in this instance could be inhibited which further affects their job performance (Goetz, 2001).
Every people in the world has already suffered stress in their lives but until now, the word “stress” is not yet given its full definition and explanation of what it is all about. When people are asked how they define stress and what makes them stressed, different answers usually come out and different factors are given as to the causes thereof. Stress is one ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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