Provide nursing care for clients requiring palliative care - Case Study Example

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One such condition is advanced cancer of the breast in which no medical or surgical treatment can cure the condition or prolong life…
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Provide nursing care for clients requiring palliative care
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Download file to see previous pages Such a care is known as palliative care. In this project various aspects of palliative care will be discussed which are individualised and tailor-made to a 85 year old patient by name Lora with advanced breast canccer in terminal stages.
Lorna is in the terminal stages of advanced Breast cancer. She has gone through mastectomy and chemotherapy, but in vain. At this stage what she requires is palliative care. The aim of palliative care must be to relieve the patient of suffering, promote function of the patient, deliver help to meet the daily living needs of the patient, provide psychosocial support to the patient and also the family of the patient and clarify goals of care and associated treatments. The objective of palliative care in Lora must be to support her to live as actively as possible until she is alive, help the family members cope with their illness of their loved one and prepare them for death of Lora. The four cardinal principles of palliative care are non-malificence, beneficience, patient autonomy and justice. These principles need to be applied in the perspective of respect for life, acceptance of the fact that death is inevitable, provision of treatments which take care of the ongoing suffering, striving to preserve life only as long as life is not a burden and beyond that only asserting life, and also individual needs and that of the society (National Cancer Control Programme, 2005).
Currently, Laura has has increased pain, chest swelling and progressive weakness. She has also developed a decline in her cognitive ability. Her chest swelling is uncontrollable as is her pain at present.
Thus, the corner stone of palliative care in Laura would be pain relief. The pain management in her must be guided by the cancer pain management protocols. The analgesic ladder approach of pain managment by the World Health Organisation (WHO, 2009)is an useful guide to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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