Research proposal - What Are the Benefits/drawbacks of immediate crisis counselling for survivors of disasters - Essay Example

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Crisis counseling is not time-consuming and generally this counseling takes nearly one to three months. If a trauma or disaster is…
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Research proposal - What Are the Benefits/drawbacks of immediate crisis counselling for survivors of disasters
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Extract of sample "Research proposal - What Are the Benefits/drawbacks of immediate crisis counselling for survivors of disasters"

Download file to see previous pages This study seeks to analyze and examine the advantages and the limitations of crisis counseling. The main goal of this study is to evaluate the extent to which the counseling ideas are accepted into the structures of the society and to find out how this counseling enables the survivors of the disasters to come out of their traumatic shock. The study will be talking about a particular disaster in the world history. In this case, London Bombing (2005) has been taken into consideration for the present study. Through qualitative analysis and primary survey of a sample of 50 participants the study has attempted to reveal the intricacies, common traits, and unique qualities of crisis counseling.
The main aims and objectives of the study are to find out how the people are responding the counseling related to disaster or crisis. Whether the organizations are able to provide necessary counseling treatment to the clients? What kind of treatment the organizations are adopting in order to provide best service to their clients? In the next section, we will be discussing a review of literatures addressing these issues. 
Floyd (2008) talks about the need for crisis counseling. The book “Crisis Counseling: A Guide for Pastors and Professionals” signifies the need for resources for the specialized, rustic, and even counselor. This book provides a biblically based structure for reacting to a crisis incident and the subsequent times of shock, loss, and anguish. It also provides exact instances from Scripture and daily life. It also takes care of focused areas of crisis counseling, incorporating how to work with kids and adolescents in crisis situation and how to build up a crisis response group in a church location. Floyd also offered concluding chapters in his book which will help the readers to sort out the pressure, burnout, and minor trauma that often come with crisis bureau and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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