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How Effective is Group Therapy in Treating Trauma Victims - Research Paper Example

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The essay focuses on the effectiveness of group therapy in treating trauma victims. Trauma occurs as a result of traumatic events in an individual’s life. Severe traumatic experiences bring about post-traumatic disorders such as stress and depression…
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How Effective is Group Therapy in Treating Trauma Victims
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Download file to see previous pages Group therapy is, therefore, psychotherapy in which few trauma victims are treated together in a well-defined group. The essay below focuses on the effectiveness of group therapy in treating trauma victims.
Group intervention is exceptionally effective in treating trauma survivors. It offers an opportunity for survivors to intermingle in tackling their traumatic feelings (Sheperis, Young, and Daniels, 2010). In most case, a good number of trauma experiences are brought about by interpersonal violence such as torture, domestic violence, physical assault, and rape. Interpersonal violence illustrates how people inflict harm on others. Other trauma that does not involve interpersonal violence such as accident also evokes horror, hopelessness, and fear among victims (Sheperis, Young, and Daniels, 2010). Survivors are always in dire need of help and consolation from other people. Group therapy is extremely suitable for people who are blamed for their predicaments such as HIV/AIDS victims.
Bonding among trauma victims is as a result very effective in developing and regaining trust. Despite its noticeable advantage of cost-effectiveness, group therapy is also appropriate for victims who cannot fulfill common societal assumptions. The essay presents a literature review on the effectiveness of group therapy in treating trauma victims. It also talks about qualitative, quantitative, and group researches conducted by different scholars on the significance of group therapy in treating trauma victims.
A quantitative research conducted by Foy (2002) in New York among HIV/AIDS victim verified the effectiveness of group therapy among trauma victims. The researcher sampled twenty-four HIV/AIDS victims. The researcher selected group members from the Hispanic subculture. Initially, they complained of victimization in their families and society members. They also portrayed signs of loss of trust and hope in their life. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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