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Globally, nearly forty-two million children are aborted each year. Though it is rarely mentioned or even considered, abortions are not always successful in ending the child’s life. The issue is ignored because…
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Abortion survivors
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Abortion Survivors In the U.S., there are over 2 million cases of abortion annually. Globally, nearly forty-two millionchildren are aborted each year. Though it is rarely mentioned or even considered, abortions are not always successful in ending the child’s life. The issue is ignored because it’s a fundamental reality that an attempted abortion seeks to terminate the unborn child’s life and the guilt following the failed attempt silences those affected. Sadly, many failed cases of abortion do not result in a long live for the ensuing baby due to complications from the attempted abortion, the premature birth, or the actions of the parents. The feelings of guilt resulting from a failed abortion determine the likely hood of allowing the continuance of the pregnancy. The paper will address some of the issues that abortion survivors have had to go through.
Life surpasses the right to becoming pregnant. Gianna Jessen failed an abortion attempt when the mother was seven and a half months pregnant. Following the failed attempt, Gianna Jessen was delivered and adopted by a caring family and is currently an activist against the abortion of unborn children (Jessen). Sarah Smith is another survivor who lost her twin brother following an abortion attempt. Both Sarah and Jessen have had a life that has directly affected the birth mothers who are haunted by the guilt for causing so much pain and grief to their children (Smith). The decision to abort Gianna was made because her mother was only seventeen years old during the pregnancy and the economic costs scared her. Sarah’s mother was also afraid of raising another child since she already had five children. The failed pregnancies resulted in two inspirational women who the world needs to inspire people by making better life decisions.
The trauma associated with a failed abortion. Melissa Ohden was born following a failed saline infusion abortion. When she was born, the doctors had a notation that she was only around thirty-one weeks into her gestation. The doctors were concerned that her ability to survive was limited and if she did the quality of life she would experience would be full of uncertainties. Currently, Melisa has developed into a healthy woman who is always searching for answers on why the mother wanted to abort her. Melissa discovered that she was an abortion survivor from her adopting parents while she was fourteen and since then her life changed drastically. The psychological torture and the unanswered questions affect her in varying degrees (Ohden). Jessen expresses her psychological trauma whenever she recounts her failed abortion attempt. The continued physical therapies to the doctors for her disabilities due to the complications brought by the failed abortion attempt are a constant reminder (Jessen).
Abortion survivors suffer due to their parent’s decisions. Gianna Gessen was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and forced to remain in the hospital for nearly three months. Following her actions, Gianna’s mother left gave her up for abortion where the adopting parents were informed that Gianna had the possibility of never being able to walk or sit independently. Though she learned how to crawl, walk, and stand, she does all this with numerous struggles and the assistance of over three surgeries. Sarah Smith also suffers physically due to the decisions of the mother; she was born with bilateral congenital dislocated hips among other physical handicaps. She has been to a surgeon’s room since the age of nine days and yet the pain haunts her to this point.
Abortion either successful or failed is a result of a moral decay in the society. The pain associated with its attempt does affect not only the survivors but also the mothers and close relatives. Sarah’s family mourns the death of her brother who perished in the abortion attempt. Sarah and the family have deep regrets regarding the abortion (Smith). The government and all concerned parties including the parents should join forces and reject abortions and abortion attempts. Though people express varied opinions regarding abortion, I am of the opinion that better measures should be adopted to prevent unwanted pregnancies. The unborn children are human, and the government should exercise its authority in ensuring people adhere to these rights.

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