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The Contemporary Implications of Downsizing and Globalisation for the Global Company and Workforce - Essay Example

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The Contemporary Implications of Downsizing and Globalisation for the Global Company and Workforce Introduction Reducing costs is one of the strategies that managers can use to enhance or, in extreme cases, save the company’s outcomes. Numerous other options are available, such as creating additional distribution channels, portfolio diversification, and developing new products/services…
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The Contemporary Implications of Downsizing and Globalisation for the Global Company and Workforce
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Download file to see previous pages But downsizing might be unsuccessful if applied without consideration of globalisation. Integrating a global culture into the organisational foundation is the task confronting all companies wanting to survive in the contemporary global economy (Marmolejo 2012). A number of firms with extensive experience in the global economy, such as Gillette, have gained knowledge of making global culture an element of the company’s standard operations (Hassard et al. 2009). This essay discusses the reasons companies employ downsizing and integrate globalisation into their operations, and the implications of these strategies for work and daily life in economically developed countries. Downsizing and Globalisation in Organisations Even for the highly developed organisations on the international arena, the growth of major economic organisations creates concerns, like how to successfully bring together downsizing and globalisation. Can a downsized company, for instance, cope with technologies inclined towards globalisation? For every company, the development of the markets continuously renews concerns for global integration. In a thriving economic state, the movement towards globalisation necessitates a focused and sustained willpower. ...
one of the fundamental premises of globalisation, the capacity to downsize globally or, more specifically, the justification of downsizing by a global perspective. Developments with regard to global integration and competition, industrial streamlining, and trade agreements have permanently transformed business activities for the almost all managers. A particular implication for managers is the currently widespread adoption of organisational downsizing. Downsizing has been especially widespread among electronic or technology firms nowadays (De Meuse 2004). Nevertheless, downsizing affects every venture that aims for competitive advantage through cutting of costs. There are two main situations where downsizing could be essential. The first takes place in organisations that are burdened with unproductive assets or constantly failing units. They must figure out whether to sell them to those who can transform these assets into something productive (Gandolfi 2006). The second situation takes place when jobs depend on obsolete technology, such as newspaper companies. Nevertheless, wholesale ‘slash-and-burn’ strategies, like blanket employee downsizing, rarely result in lasting advantages in profits, efficiency, etc (Gandolfi 2006). Downsizing-- which started in the latter part of 1980s as a desperate, never-to-be-repeated strategy to significantly reduce costs to aid companies in competing globally or in surviving major failures in their operations-- has currently become a mainstay in the global economic arena. There exists a strong interconnection between the three major motivators for downsizing, namely, customer demands, latest technology, and global competition, as well as customer-oriented policies and information-based marketing (Blackburn 1999). Particular ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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