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Exploring the role of change management and new HRMS system adoption the case of American Express Bahrain - Dissertation Example

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Exploring the role of change management and new HRMS system adoption: The case of American Express Bahrain [Pick the date] PC Summary This research work studies the change management strategy adopted at American Express, Bahrain and its subsidiary branches in North Africa…
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Exploring the role of change management and new HRMS system adoption the case of American Express Bahrain
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Extract of sample "Exploring the role of change management and new HRMS system adoption the case of American Express Bahrain"

Download file to see previous pages However, there are some strategic loopholes that can addressed to reap full benefits of the system. Table of Contents 1 Chapter One- Introduction 2 Chapter Two- Literature Review 3 Chapter Three- Research Methodology 4 Chapter Four- Results and Findings 5 Chapter Five- Conclusions and Recommendations 6 References 7 Appendices Chapter 1- Introduction 1.1 Title Exploring the role of change management and new HRMS (Human Resource Management System) adoption; the case of American Express Bahrain. 1.2 Aim To explore the role of change management by studying the steps American Express Bahrain has put into action to introduce the new HRMS on its employees. 1.3 Research Question What are the chronological steps that a company must apply in order to introduce new software to the organisation? 1.4 Objectives To examine the techniques that American Express Bahrain use when introducing change to employees. To establish a questionnaire to understand the steps those were taken. To draw conclusions on ways and theories that help organisations sequential their introduction of change to their employees. 1.5 Background to the study The term Change Management deals with the substitution of one thing or set of conditions for another , thus making something different from its previous condition, be it an alteration in state, or quality, variety, variation, mutation(Sofroniou,2009). Change Management is something that all managers should know how to cope with especially with our rapidly changing world and the contribution of technology to the modernisation of business functions and practises. Consequently, organisations must adapt to the environment around them in order to stay competitive by leveraging technology and new systems (Saunders, Lewis, and Thornhill, 2009). Organisations must be able to adapt to the changing environment if they are to survive. Threats to organisational existence include but are not limited to changes in technology, the tastes of consumers, the regulations of the Government, the increase in the cost of various resources, and values and capabilities of the prospective employees, downsizing, mergers and acquisitions(Palmer et al, 2006). However, all these reasons came from one major source –Globalisation. According to Webster’s dictionary the term globalisation is the development of an increasingly integrated global economy marked especially by free trade, free flow of capital, and the tapping of cheaper foreign labor markets (merriam-webster, 2012). Thus, the world’s economy is treated as one big market which makes it difficult for organizations to be unique and different from competitors. Moreover, globalization has majorly affected organizational change. This is evident because of all the planned and unplanned changes that occur in small and multinational companies. In the recent time the most important thing faced by most of the global organization is the constant changes in the all aspects of business. Due to the technological revolution most of the organizations are practicing the new technologies related to the human resource management system(HRMS). The development in the information technology has given a new paradigm shift to the HRMS. Most of the global organizations are accepting the virtue of the HRMS (Grobler & Warnich. 2005. P, 39) The new trend in the global organization is to apply computer based technologies to create a strong HRMS. Most of the organizations like American Express are using the HRMS to revamp the HRMS ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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