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Someone you know who works for justice - Admission/Application Essay Example

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A motto often linked to educational institutions such as Jesuit and Marymount is ‘‘Educating men, as well as women for other individuals.’’ Father Pedro Arrupe, the earlier Jesuits leader, once articulated that their major educational purpose is supposed to be to shape…
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Someone you know who works for justice
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Extract of sample "Someone you know who works for justice"

Someone you know who Works for Justice A motto often linked to educational s such as Jesuit and Marymount is ‘‘Educating men, as well as women for other individuals.’’ Father Pedro Arrupe, the earlier Jesuits leader, once articulated that their major educational purpose is supposed to be to shape men and women for other individuals, who suppose that self-adoration or of divinity that does not bring forth any concern in fair dealing for the smallest amount of neighbors is a ridiculous situation. I believe what he was supposed to put into words was Loyola’s major goal, which was to enlighten scholars to be the type of individuals who work to see that justice is done, even though it implies that they have to put aside what they really want and require.
One individual who works for impartiality that I know for the smallest amount of her neighbors is Mary Robinson who lives within my neighborhood. She has set up a room within her residence that can hold up to twenty individuals at a time. This allows her to talk to domestic violence victims and survivors on the manner in which to get away from and deal with domestic violence. She also assists individuals develop appreciative and supportive affiliations, with other individuals who are acquainted with the circus of feelings abuse is able to source. She strives to make sure that domestic violence victims and survivors comprehend that violent behavior is learned and ill-treatment is a ferocious circle, which is the reason for the need to break the violence cycle (Kennedy 65). The yearning to educate and support domestic violence victims and survivors comes from Mary’s heart considering that she a survivor of domestic violence, as well.
Mary knows that countless victims do not comprehend that they are undergoing abuse. They believe that abuse is only physical, and this is not true. Spoken and emotional abuse is able to have equal trauma as beatings. Physical abuse can heal within a particular time, but the injuries that are caused to a person’s spirit always take a longer time to heal and every individual has a particular healing process for emotional well-being (Kennedy 138). Mary sometimes takes in person’s who are in a severe domestic violence cases before she can refer them to justice department who find a temporary placement for victims and survivors of domestic violence who cannot stay within their homes. Clearly, Mary is resolute to offer another reserve to people who need it within my neighborhood.
I trust that fighting prejudice fundamentally involves God, and transforming what is unfair exclusive of integrity and ethics compromises. I feel that God is principally about harmony, justice, and evenhandedness. People have to communicate with words that are impassioned since it is erroneous to stay quiet when faced up to injustice. While individuals speak out in opposition to the prejudices they observe, they not merely transform themselves, but the globe (Kennedy 218). They may also transform other people who do not know about God and his principles with the way they conduct themselves. Calamities of all types will constantly take place. Something will for eternity need transforming for the better. On the other hand, Mary’s capacity to distinguish a predicament, as a trial instead of living as an injustice victim for the rest of her life, is what makes her a better individual in the end in working for Justice for other people.
Work Cited
Kennedy, Bernice. Domestic Violence: A.K.A. Intimate Partner Violence (Ipv). iUniverse, 2007. Print. Read More
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