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At least four general characteristics of materials handling contribute to its intrinsic hazard potential. Name and explain four such characteristics - Essay Example

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Lack of Operational Control: The handling operational procedures of hazardous materials are directly related to the risk in association with the intrinsic hazard potential of the material. The peculiarities in handling materials will differ specifically in accordance to the…
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At least four general characteristics of materials handling contribute to its intrinsic hazard potential. Name and explain four such characteristics
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"At least four general characteristics of materials handling contribute to its intrinsic hazard potential. Name and explain four such characteristics"

Download file to see previous pages In general lack of operational control may increase the scope of intrinsic hazards as it may cause either cause damage either to the operator, the fellow workers or the environment in varied combinations and extremities.
Non-Identification of Hazardous Materials: The proper identification and description of the extent of the risk posed by a hazardous material must be well aware to the person handling it. Any lacuna in this would proportionally increase the intrinsic hazard potential of the material. Handling procedures including details on the hazard levels and risks posed must be studied in detail before handling the material
Continued exposure of Hazardous materials: If hazardous materials with are not isolated and demarcated, it may lead to uncontrolled exposure of the same to the people handling it which would contribute to the increase of its potential risk. Thus such materials must be isolated and made to be handled by trained persons
Personal Safety Equipments: The proper use of Personal Safety Equipments like gloves, goggles, safety shoes, work coat, sunscreen is very important to avert the risk posed by hazardous materials. Improper use of these or not using these while handling a hazardous material increases the intrinsic hazard potential of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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