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Philosophy of Nursing - Essay Example

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People will readily contest this but bear with me. Looking at other professions, Lawyers mediate; Doctors facilitate; and, Crossing-guards help. All of these verbs are synonymous to assisting…
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Philosophy of Nursing
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"Philosophy of Nursing"

Download file to see previous pages But then she must first learn to walk, and so when she runs she must run with patience. (Most people dont even try to walk.) But I would also say to all young ladies who are called to any particular vocation, qualify yourself for it as a man does for his work. Dont think you can undertake it otherwise.” (Nightingale,1869)
We are all equals, doing our assigned task. But, we must not only do the task, we must do it well. In doing the task well, we must in the words of Madam Florence Nightingale “qualify yourself.”…qualify ourselves.
Nursing is most truly said to be a high calling, an honourable calling. But what does the honour lie in? In working hard during your training to learn and to do all things perfectly. The honour does not lie in putting on Nursing like your uniform. Honour lies in loving perfection, consistency, and in working hard for it: in being ready to work patiently: ready to say not "How clever I am!" but "I am not yet worthy; and I will live to deserve to be called a Trained Nurse.”(Nightingale, 1873)
To qualify ourselves means to be prepared spiritually by determining if you are called to render assistance; mentally for the difficulties of learning, biologically for the rigors of training; emotionally, psychologically and socially to be able to love perfection, consistency and hard work.
The paradigm of nursing consists of person, environment, health, and, nursing (Stark State College Nursing, 2001). To be able to determine the role and relationships that are embodied in the concept of nursing from my perspective, it would be best to react or give my input on the other concepts of nursing.
Madam Nightingale in using the term “qualify yourself” meant preparing holistically – mentally, emotionally, biologically, psychologically and socially. All these facets make a person who he is. In order for one to develop ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Philosophy of Nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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