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Comparing philosophy of nursing and education - Essay Example

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Edward reports that nursing philosophy is the assertiveness towards life and reality that circulates from individual nurses (Edward, 1997). For individuals to develop a certain philosophy of nursing one must consider the abilities to which a nurse obligates her heart and soul to…
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Comparing philosophy of nursing and education
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Download file to see previous pages In any given community, education and nursing play a great role in promoting development. According to Carroll it means a certain kind of thinking or a certain kind of attitude to a certain problem (carrol, n.d). Edward reports that nursing philosophy is the assertiveness towards life and reality that circulates from individual nurses (Edward, 1997). For individuals to develop a certain philosophy of nursing one must consider the abilities to which a nurse obligates her heart and soul to. The main purpose of this article is to compare and contrast the philosophical statement of Richmond medical facility and that of Virginia Common wealth Medical College.
The mission of Virginia Common wealth Medical College of Virginia School of Nursing Philosophy (V CU) is to improve health and the general human state. This shall be achieved through conducting nursing study under proper administrative leadership. The institution will provide aim to provide nursing education that will translate to quality nursing services. Thus in order to achieve all these, the facility has to maintain its excellence in education through preparing future scholars for nursing and health care services. The institution seeks to be essential in the change and growth needed in clinical research countrywide. Through caring out these practices it thus provides services that are beneficial to the community and also credit the profession. The facility will provide its expertise and novelty for best practices in education and practice so as to be a national model for clinical scholarship (Virginia Commonwealth University, 2013). They facility educates nurses so as to improve the services offered by the nurses for the benefit of the patient. However VA provides direction on what qualified nurses need to practice when caring for the veterans. They issue leadership on the therapeutic nursing role on care of patient.   On the other hand the mission of Veteran Affairs (VA) is to provide direction on all the issues related to nursing practice. The institution provides the much needed guidance in medical programs and in the various care delivery sites that impact the veterans. The facility has been obliged to fulfill the president Lincolns promise “To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan”( Lincoln's 2nd Inaugural Address, 1865, p.1). the facility will do this by serving the men and women who are America`s veterans. The main difference between these two institutions is that VCU seeks to impact knowledge on scholars especially nurses so that they can be able to practice in future. In that they provide education to the students who have no experience and also impact skills in them. The VCU since its birth in 1968, like the other facilities it wants to a firm its ground as a leading university among the nation’s pre-eminent public university. To achieve these levels the university has continually encouraged research. It has gone to the extent of giving back to the community by the students providing health care to its neighbor’s. This has improved the access to health care to the most vulnerable and underserved population. VCU next major step is to look for peculiarity as a public university centered on students triumph. It aims to do this bearing in mind that there are scarce resources and increasing call of accountability and demonstrable value for higher education (VCU, School of nursing 2013). Contrary, to the statements above VA is a diverse group of compassionate professionals whose main focus are veterans who served America. They ensure that the needs of the entire veteran population are represented, this involves putting resources where veterans are and where resources are most needed (United States of Veteran Affairs, 2013). According to "United States Department of Veterans Affairs" (2013) there are some core values that guide the nurses as they practice. They are supposed to maintain ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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