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Reflection assignment #3 on Nature Religion in America by Catherine Albanese on Pages 153-163; 171-185; 196-198 (ALL REQUIRED READING MATERIAL IS UPLOADED) - Essay Example

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The study undertaken focused on the nature’s nation and religion in the late 20th century and the effects of the perception and development of the people in the present period. Recapitulation of the different beliefs that all relate to the practice and religion of having a…
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Reflection assignment #3 on Nature Religion in America by Catherine Albanese on Pages 153-163; 171-185; 196-198 (ALL REQUIRED READING MATERIAL IS UPLOADED)
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"Reflection assignment #3 on Nature Religion in America by Catherine Albanese on Pages 153-163; 171-185; 196-198 (ALL REQUIRED READING MATERIAL IS UPLOADED)"

Download file to see previous pages On the basis of the data presented by Albanese, the nature religion is a manner of practice of belief that is based on being one with nature. Starting from the earliest trace of human civilization, such beliefs had been present and regardless of the modernity of times or the consciousness of the people, the nature’s religions keep on developing and diversifying. Although the literal objective of the author is to provide data regarding the presence and essence of the nature religion, the transcending meaning to the said practice is a fundamental message of the paper.
One of the points presented in the paper is the fact that the most renowned religions, which are based on the presence of a godly entity above nature and humans, are questioned on the basis of sustainability in future times (p.175). This can be attributed to the fact that religion although set on faith, is one of the basis of society, culture and way of life of communities. For that matter, a look on the present state of nature can be considered that there is a dogma in the society and in the beliefs which is amiss.
Based on the idea presented by the author, the main issue is that people needs to modify the belief that nature is meant for the human beings to consume and rule over. It can be considered that by recapitulating the religion of the ancestors, e.g. the native Americans, nature can be saved and people can respect and take care of the environment. This is based on the fact that the religion founded on nature states that human is not above nature but a part of it. Thus, as a part of himself nature is needed to be taken good care of.
But if the said religion which is based on nature is that of the ancestors, then the hope of saving nature can be considered hopeless. To answer this, the author presented the succession of the development of the nature religion towards the present era. For that matter, human being can still have the change to attempt and endeavor the process of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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