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The Neo-Realist Understanding of State Conflict - Essay Example

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The present paper aims to explore the nature and scope of state conflict by paying special consideration upon the neo-realism perspective. The main objective includes the imperative alterations being observed the nation-states at a global scale in the aftermath of Great War II…
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The Neo-Realist Understanding of State Conflict
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"The Neo-Realist Understanding of State Conflict"

Download file to see previous pages The study will also take the effects of the Cold War, and making of new contracts at regional, continental and global levels, which have introduced new alliances and rivalries among the nation-states. The study is also interested in exploring the causes behind the establishment of new alliances and rivalries, and consequences of the same on the administrations and subjects of the first and third world countries. The paper will also be supported by the classical and realist approaches of international relations in order to elaborate the topic under analysis. Attributed to the contemporary era US theorist and political thinker Kenneth Waltz, neo-realism approach views the modern age of international relations at the age of the growth and development of independent states system at the international stage (Waltz, 1988, p.617). The perspective is of the opinion that after the emergence of several former Asian and African colonies as independent states during 1945-1965, nation-states have turned out to be the most effective and influential actors of international politics (Baldwin, 1993, pp.26-7). As a result, the balance of power is expected to be shifting from the imperialist states to the poor countries as well. Consequently, the recently emerged nation-states would play a vital role, according to the perspective, in respect of the formation of political policies and strategic schemes by keeping in view the interests of the downtrodden masses belonging to the third world countries. In addition, these nation-states will also embark upon the arduous task of maintaining peace and condemning violence had been being practiced by the powerful states since perhaps the known history of the world at large. It is, therefore, neorealist perspective appeared in order to replace the age-old Realism theory, in the light of which there would be conducted researches in respect of international relationships, and nature and scope of state conflicts from various international platforms (Powell, 1994, p.318). The claim has partly been articulated by keeping in view the distress, destruction, and damages the previously-subjugated nation had undergone from the eighteenth century onward at the hands of western imperialism (Ihuegbu, 2002, p.22). Since the subjects belonging to these colonised countries have witnessed cruel suppressions and oppressions unjustly inflicted by the foreign invaders upon them, these former colonies of European states must contain the natural tendencies in respect of condemning and protesting of atrocities on the weak nations by the strong and powerful nations at large, which is sure lead to lead the world Fascism, by challenging the Marxist doctrine of equality and democracy (Reich, 1980, pp. 6-7). As a result, the presence of these oppressed nations as the member of international forums and platforms including the United Nations, NATO, NAM and several others, the world would never witness the incidences of exploitations of weak and poor nations by the big powers of the globe. However, the time has turned down the notion supporting the rise of nation-states as completely sovereign and independent ones in such a way that they could be in a position of making policies regarding their internal problems and external affairs without undergoing any pressure or threat from the external powers. Nevertheless, the idea of being set free from the cruel clutches of former masters appears to be just a wild goose chase for the third world. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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