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Nation Branding - Using Books/ novels to stimulate renewed interest in Africa - Research Proposal Example

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Branding is typically a marketing term which places emphasis on attractive packaging. No matter how resourceful a nation may be internally, if those…
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Nation Branding - Using Books/ novels to stimulate renewed interest in Africa
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"Nation Branding - Using Books/ novels to stimulate renewed interest in Africa"

Download file to see previous pages The South African government’s initiative to generate awareness among its people about their national identity and aboriginal culture can be seen as a branding technique which promises to pay off in the long run. This is especially valid for a continent like Africa which remained in the dark for many years due to apartheid. Anecdotal evidences of nation branding in the subsequent years of transformation go to show how the nation has been steadily inching toward establishing meaningful and productive international relationship with other nations around the world. Literature on this topic is of paramount importance, for it makes the objectives clear. Several authors have highlighted the unique selling points of the country, particularly the abundance of natural resources and how they can be utilised to resolve economic and other issues that have been throttling the developmental aspects of the continent in general. The purpose of this study is to identify some of the crucial factors of branding, both from the private as well as from the public sector departments, which can underpin the significance of knowledge-based and economic reformations in relation with promoting nations. From the vast number of developing and underdeveloped countries in the African continent, the paper investigates into the nation branding aspects of The Republic of Zambia.
Out of a massive pool of African countries, I have chosen Zambia for my alchemy research for a number of reasons. It qualifies as an ideal resource base for the preliminary components of my research. In many ways Zambia is the epitome of African culture and natural heritage. Geographically, it is positioned right at the heart of the continent, making it accessible from all parts. Moreover, the nation is home to one of the fascinating natural spectacles on earth – the Victoria Falls. The South Luangwa National Park, which is rated among the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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