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The Law of Segregating Africans in Their Own Country - Book Report/Review Example

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In the research paper “The Law of Segregating Africans in Their Own Country” the author discusses the Law of segregating Africans in their own country. African were discriminated and were deprived of certain privileges in the society…
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The Law of Segregating Africans in Their Own Country
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Extract of sample "The Law of Segregating Africans in Their Own Country"

Download file to see previous pages This was to ensure that they enhance themselves socially, politically, and economically. All this was aimed at improving their living standards, their children, and their families. Another major recommendation was to enhance their sexual rights and marital status. (Head)
The International Criminal Court comes into effect with the signing of the Rome Statutes by 120 countries. The court owns the power to pass conviction on grave crimes against humanity, civil and war crimes, genocides, and other serious crimes. (Head)
With Durban recommendations ready for implementation, all UN member countries convened in South Africa to address issues related to human discrimination, human trafficking, and issues affecting minority and indigenous community in the world. The summit was named ‘The World Conference against Racism’. (Head)
Since the outbreak of war in Democratic Republic of Congo in 1998, close to 5.4 million have been estimated to have died. The war involved 7 nations surrounding the country. People seeking basic resources like water and those who wanted control of natural resource-fueled the war. The war escalated with different political ideologies by the country’s leaders (Shah).
Ivory Coast is involved in a second civil after a dispute arose in a presidential election. The incumbent president lost the election but was declared the winner. The country’s opposition leader challenged the elections in a court and was declared the winner by the court. The country then plunged into civil war (Head)
Nigeria has been fighting against exploitation by multinational countries who exploit the Niger Delta. The region is under the attention of human rights and most of the environmentalist. Many lives have been lost in the region with foreign multinational countries believed to be fuelling the war in order to benefit from the war and exploit oil in the region (Shah). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Law of Segregating Africans in Their Own Country Book Report/Review - 1.
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