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Challenges Africans Americans face in terms of discrimination in last 15-20 years, versus the 1960's - Research Paper Example

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1960’s_Hitherto Africa American Discrimination Name: Instructor: University: Course: Date: Introduction Immense effort has been committed towards the eradication and awareness of discrimination in all its forms since the 1960’s, but to date, the practice is still ubiquitous (Rowe, 2003)…
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Challenges Africans Americans face in terms of discrimination in last 15-20 years, versus the 1960s
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Challenges Africans Americans face in terms of discrimination in last 15-20 years, versus the 1960's

Download file to see previous pages... For this reason, it is critical to analyze the challenges Africans Americans have faced in terms of discrimination since the 1960’s, (an era of intense civil activation), till presently, to impede the actions those who perpetrate any acts of discrimination. Discussion In this day and age, discrimination that is directed towards any particular group ought to be reviled. According to Scott (2003) the existing forms of discrimination are expressed towards African American, though there is evidence that other groups are still subject to it. Discriminations against African American is evident in the economic and social structures of the country. For instance, a study that was conducted on Racial Climate by a Committee Of Minority Interests in 2011, revealed that a black middle class family earns 18% less in comparison to an average middle class white family. It further revealed that only 42% of black middle class families own their homes in comparison to 72% of middle class white families who own their homes. With regard to employment. The rate of unemployment among blacks is double compared to white people. It further highlighted the fact that a significant number of companies are still hiring a majority of white people. It cited an example of Microsoft, of which out of the 20,000 employees, 2000 are white in comparison to the 544 black employees. Racial discrimination is also present in the judicial system, as 98% of the judges are white. It drew attention to the fact that the probability of a black man being imprisoned is 8 times more than a white man, yet 74% of sentences are given to black men (Scott, 2012). The findings of the study clearly bring to light the fact that a majority of African Americans are still stereotyped and given differential treatment because of the color of their skin. Discrimination has its roots in slavery. Slavery in the States commenced as soon as the English colonialists got established in Virginia, until the implementation of the thirteenth amendment In the year 1865 (Rowe, 2003). As the 18th century commenced, racism with regard to slavery could only be applied to black Americans and individuals that were of African descent. The 19th century ushered in the embodiment of institutionalized racism and the legality of discrimination against African Americans (Scott, 2012). Despite the fact that they were allowed to pole taxes and vote, the laws that dealt with discrimination and various acts of terror were instrumental in ensuring that black Americans were kept disenfranchised in the southern regions. Racial discrimination, segregation and the expression of white supremacy was worst in this era in comparison to all other points in time. At the same time, lynching, race riots and anti –black violence was also at its peak during this era. Through the entire twentieth century, African Americans that held any possessions that gave them access to power such as entertainers, politicians and activists advocated intensely for civil rights. The 1960’s welcome the culmination of the African American civil rights groups. This had been fueled by the disintegration of schools in the year 1954 (Rowe, 2003). The years that came after the 1960’s African Americans experienced vast amounts of discrimination. They would be considered as trash and that is how the white people treated them. An interesting fact is that as much as the African ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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