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Reflect on If I could be any historical figure within the time period, who would I be and why - Research Paper Example

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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: If I could be any historical figure within the time period, who would I be and why” All over the world, people have done great and extra ordinary things that have earned them respect from their countries and other parts of the world…
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Reflect on If I could be any historical figure within the time period, who would I be and why
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"Reflect on If I could be any historical figure within the time period, who would I be and why"

Download file to see previous pages In essence, politics revolve around who governs what country, what government is which country and how people are governed. It is argued that, politics dictate the social and economic lives of people in varying countries (Hout 3). As such, countries with good governance or political stability are said to have good social and economic life while those with poor political governance or no stability mostly suffer from social and economic slowdown (OHCHR 3). In regard to history and world politics, I would have wanted to be Dr, Martin Luther King Jnr. in the last three centuries. Dr. King had been brought up by a religious family where his father is alleged to have a strict hand in term of discipline for him, his elder sister and the younger. Despite the involvement of the family in church and his father being a minister, Martin Luther King was reluctant to religion and at most rebellious (Fairclough 35). In mid 1950s , the King Jr began his activism on civil rights and played a hug role bringing to an end the legal segregation that had built up between the Africans – Americans in the U.S. Moreover, he managed to push for the formation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Nelson 22). In a general sense, Martin Luther King made a huge impact on the continuous segregation that was witnessed the U.S in the 1960’s. ...
As a result of the bizarre bus incident and the arrest of the African American, other Africa American come together to fight against racism and elected Dr. King as their leader. This group of African American began by fight against segregation in the Montgomery Buses and soon, the Africans could no longer receive unfair treatment for the rest of the Americans (Fairclough 38). In the same year, the segregation of the bus was boycotted, fellow Americans who referred themselves as ‘whites’ were agitated by the influence that Martin Luther King had made on African Americans and they decided to raid his house with the intention of killing him. However, their mission was unsuccessful as no one was hurt during the incident. As a result of the problem that African American encounter due to segregation, they decided to push their fight a step high by coming up with Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Through the activism and leadership of Dr. King, they expanded their non violent battle against discrimination that had spread to every part of the U. S. It is worth mentioning that, the infamous civil rights activity facilitate by Martin Luther King Jr to place in August 1963. The activity entailed the King as the main leader and other blacks who were civil right leaders across the country held in Washington DC. The agenda of the meeting was to compel the congress to pass a bill that had been created by the then president Kennedy. Of importance to note is that the meeting was held by both white are and blacks at the Lincoln memorial. Written down as the infamous speech “I Have a Dream”, the speech gave a definition of the moral basis that revolved around civil rights movement. Indeed, the congress was convinced and the following year they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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